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The Ask

To deliver teams of top-notch brand ambassadors with automotive knowledge to represent KIA at NBA games for a 7-month event marketing program in 11 markets.

Brand: Kia

Staffing Overview

ATN was tasked with hiring, training, and scheduling a core team of proactive and engaging brand ambassadors while aiming for as much consistency as possible.  Brand ambassadors were responsible for:

  • Interacting with event attendees
  • Relaying key brand messaging
  • Collecting leads via data capture
  • Meeting lead generation goals


  • The schedule lives and grows and ATN always has a team ready to go on game-day.
  • After successfully staffing the KIA – NBA event marketing campaign, ATN has partnered with the client to provide staffing services for several large scale, one-off KIA events.

KIA Brand Ambassadors
KIA Brand Ambassadors
KIA Brand Ambassadors
KIA Brand Ambassadors
KIA Brand Ambassadors


ATN has continuously proven to be a valuable partner in all facets of event staffing. Whether it be a small-scale activation consisting of 2-4 ambassadors or a full-blown marketing event that requires a team of 20 plus, ATN has answered the bell on several occasions and has been a viable asset to our success. They have no shortage of local talent, and they are quick to meet all of our staffing needs.

— Zach M.

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