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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 

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When people attend events, they look forward to breaking away from everyday life – whether it’s a business event or a concert. That’s why the focus should always be on the attendee experience. Disorganized and poorly executed events can be frustrating for attendees, and if they’re not happy, it can affect your bottom line not to mention your reputation.

In the last Happy Hour roundup, we featured an article that delivered tips on how to create events that people love. This week, we’re diving into the things that bug event attendees the most and ways to avoid them. We also discuss the comeback of live events, and how brands can reach Gen Z with campus marketing events.

Common Event Planning Mistakes To Avoid

event planning mistakes

Most event organizers would agree that a poor event attendee experience is their worst nightmare. With all the time and effort that goes into creating an event, they want to see every aspect of the event go off without a hitch. Of course, mistakes happen, and no event is perfect or foolproof, but the attendee experience should be seamless. To ensure your event is all rainbows and unicorns in the attendees’ eyes, consider every touchpoint from start to finish to see where the experience may fall short. Often, it is simple mistakes like lack of signage or poor directions. And other times, there are more significant issues like an overwhelming itinerary or being understaffed. If you want to produce a stellar, bulletproof attendee experience that positively impacts attendees, check out this roundup of common event planning mistakes to avoid.

Live Events: The Great Comeback and What You Need to Know

The Resurgence of Live Events

Event professionals have faced a whirlwind of challenges over the last two years, from experiencing the pandemic’s devastating blow to the industry to pivoting to virtual and hybrid event platforms. Fast forward to the present day, and the demand for live events has never been greater. But just as the world around us has changed, so has the industry. People expect more from events, and there are new challenges, like safety and staffing, to contend with. In this article, Agency EA discusses the return of live events and what event professionals should prepare for.

Reach Gen Z With These Campus Marketing Ideas

Campus Marketing Event

As college students head back to campus, brands should take full advantage of campus marketing opportunities. Gen Z has a unique characteristic that no other generation before them has in that they are 100% digital natives, meaning they have never known a time before the internet or smartphones. And because they are so social media savvy and are born influencers (case in point #BamaRush on TikTok – hello Kendra Scott and Lulu shout-outs), using experiential tactics on or near campuses is a no-brainer. Campus events allow brands to create buzz, generate social content, and connect with a coveted audience. Here are some great examples and ideas of back-to-school campaigns to get your wheels turning.

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