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From venue selection to staffing to coordinating vendors and speakers, the conference planning process can be overwhelming. With so much ground to cover, there are a lot of details to consider, and there’s also a lot that can go wrong. In this edition of Happy Hour, we feature Bizzabo’s conference planning timeline and checklist that will walk you through every step of the planning process. Additionally, we take a look at a few different types of experiential marketing that companies can try out, and lastly, we discuss how brands can tailor their experiential marketing campaigns to connect with Gen Z.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Successful Conference

“Conferences are the No. 1 way to generate the best leads, drive sales, and position your company as an industry leader. ” ~Bizzabo

Conference Planning Tips

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Conferences offer a great way to generate leads and boost sales for companies spanning all industries. But to make your conference successful on all fronts, you need a killer marketing strategy that begins long before the event and continues post-event. Of course, this is no small feat, especially considering all the planning you must do to prepare for the conference. In this article, Bizzabo delivers a comprehensive conference marketing and planning checklist to help you stay on track.

 7 Types of Experiential Marketing to Elevate Your Brand

“By embracing the power of experiential marketing, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and create deeper connections with their clients.” ~Craftsman Industries

7 Types of Experiential Marketing to Elevate Your Brand

Experiential marketing comes in many different forms, but one thing all campaigns and events have in common is the ability to grab consumers’ attention and engage them on a personal level. By providing consumers with an experience they’ll remember, brands can expect increased sales and brand loyalty. If you’re looking for a way to reach your target audience with a proven marketing strategy that allows you really connect with your audience, here are seven types of experiential marketing strategies that you should consider.

Leveraging Experiential Marketing to Connect with Gen Z

“When it comes to in-person events, consumers who grew up in a digital-first world can be skeptical. But when they do attend, the positive effects are significant.” ~Freeman

Leveraging experiential marketing to reach Gen Z

Born after 1995, Gen Zers are true digital natives. They’ve never known a world without the internet and have always had information readily available at their fingertips. While they have grown up in a digitally-driven world, they actually crave genuine experiences and prioritize them over material things. That said, it’s important for experiential marketers to adapt and cater to these needs to capture and keep their attention. Here, Freeman delivers the results of a recent study that explains the approach brands should take to really connect with Gen Z.

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