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Face-to-face engagement trumps annoying and “noisy” ads any day.  And as brands begin to realize this, more and more are turning to experiential marketing. Experiential allows brands to connect with consumers on a deeper and more meaningful level than traditional advertising tactics.  But to get it right, brands need to not only focus on the campaign elements but also on the attendee experience and how they can give attendees what they need and want.  This week’s Happy Hour leads off with a great article that shares some insight on how marketers can elevate the attendee experience.  We also discuss the comeback of Toys “R” Us, and how brands can make an impact with experiential marketing.

7 Ways to Elevate the Event Attendee Experience

event attendee experienceIn the age of experiences, traditional marketing is not as effective as it once was.  People need more than what traditional methods and have to offer, and they expect more.  Instead of intrusive advertising tactics, they want personalized experiences, a human touch, and to feel connected to the brands that they stand behind.  Experiential marketing accomplishes all of this.    But, in order to get the most out of your experiential marketing campaign, you have to make it memorable and you have to make the attendee experience great. Here are 7 things you can do to boost the quality of your attendees’ experience.

Will Experiential Retail be Toys “R” Us Saving Grace?

“Experiential in retail has reinvigorated the brick and mortar space, creating immersive and engaging destinations for brands and boosting retail partner relationships.” ~Event Marketer

toy "r" us experiential retailWhen the demise of Toys “R” Us was announced several months ago, many experiential marketers agreed that experiential marketing could have saved the retailer from Chapter 7 had they only given it a shot.   Fast forward to last week, when investors announced that the brand will be back and armed with some fresh new ideas to make it better than ever.  While we’re unsure what tricks they have up their sleeves, we can almost bet that they have taken cues from other retailers that have had success with experiential retail strategies.

How to Make an Impact with Experiential Marketing 

“Experiential marketing takes the finest qualities of conventional advertising, social media marketing, digital ads and puts them together in a giant melting pot.” ~TG Daily

making an impact with experiential marketingThe statistics surrounding experiential marketing continues to prove its worth.  And, year after year, more and more companies are making a go at experiential marketing.  Experiential marketing produces tremendous results because unlike traditional advertising, experiential allows brands to interact with consumers on their terms.  And while planning a campaign may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be.  With a solid plan and the right tools, any brand can make an impact with experiential.

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