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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

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Healthcare marketing, in general, is not easy. Because of its complexity, traditional marketing methods don’t offer healthcare brands enough “air time” to convey key messaging, but event marketing does. Tactics like street team marketing, mobile marketing, and brand activations allow healthcare brands to reach and engage with the public on a broad scale. In this week’s Happy Hour, we look at how healthcare organizations can leverage event marketing to serve local communities. We also feature seven brands that raise the bar during Pride month and discuss ways to boost event attendee confidence during COVID-19.

Why Event Marketing is Beneficial for the Healthcare Industry

“Small and large events have become powerful ways for healthcare organizations and hospitals to serve their communities in better ways.” ~Localist

event marketing for healthcare companies

Building a sense of trust and community with consumers is essential for brands in every industry. While healthcare companies have primarily relied on traditional forms of advertising, many are turning to event marketing to connect with people. Live events are especially beneficial for the healthcare industry because they create awareness for the company or cause. Events also open the door for conversations that may not happen otherwise by reaching a broader audience within the community. Whether it’s educating the public about complex topics like the COVID-19 vaccine or offering free health screenings, here is why healthcare brands should make event marketing a priority.

7 Brands Showing Off Their Pride

“According to a recent analysis, queer consumers—who tend to maintain higher median household incomes—are more likely than other marginalized groups to actively seek and patronize the companies that are engaging their collective community in sustained ways.” ~Shannon Miller, AdWeek

brands showing off their Pride

Many brands jump on the Pride bandwagon in June, from slapping a rainbow on a product to promoting themselves at Pride events. And while they mean well, the “rainbow washing,” as this author calls it, is inauthentic, and it’s something that most consumers recognize right away.  On the flip side, many brands take a more meaningful approach by supporting the LGBTQ+ community with significant and purposeful charitable measures.  And it’s those brands that are the real winners.  Here, we look at seven brands that show their Pride not only with rainbows but also by giving back to the LGBTQ+ community.

4 Ways to Boost Event Attendee Confidence in 2021

“The best advice I can give that applies to all event organizers is to BE HUMAN.” ~Ryan Costello, Tradeshow News Network

health screening

In a recent study, 76% of event organizers said that event safety is their number one priority when planning in-person events this year.  With more and more live events on the horizon, instilling confidence for those who may be hesitant about attending is vital.  In this article, Event Farm’s co-founder, Ryan Costello, shares some tips on how to market your event to demonstrate that attendee safety is of the utmost importance.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Happy Hour!  Join us again next week as we dive into more experiential marketing news, tips, and trends!  Cheers!

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