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With spring around the corner, brands should be seeking ways to connect with consumers in the great outdoors.  The warmer months offer brands the prime opportunity to use street team marketing tactics to reach consumers while they are out enjoying the longer days and beautiful weather.  And while street team events have long been a go-to experiential strategy for companies, in the past they consisted roughly of one agenda– sampling and flyering.  But that’s not the case anymore.  With the rise in innovative and interactive out-of-home advertising options and technology advances, street team marketing has evolved.

Street Team Marketing:  The Basics

Street team marketing gives brands the opportunity to deliver a personal and human touch to their marketing efforts through face-to-face engagement Moreover, this form of marketing is cost-effective compared to other forms of experiential and event marketing, but it yields similar results.

  • Who: Street teams are made up of brand ambassadors who specialize in consumer engagement and targeted brand messaging.
  • What: Street team marketing targets consumers where they work, live, and play.
  • Why: Street teams aim to surprise and delight consumers with fun interactions and offerings.
  • Where: Locations can vary and are purely dependent on the brand’s audience and goals.
  • When: Street team events can take place at any time, but brands should aim for times that see heavy foot-traffic.

7 Street Team Marketing Ideas

1. Branded Cycles

Branded bicycles, three-wheel cycles, and even pedicabs are a great way to get your brand moving on the streets.  Not to mention, they get people talking.  With branded cycles, there is no need to chase down consumers because people are naturally drawn to them.  Branded cycles are super versatile and can be used as mobile billboards, sampling vehicles, or for ridesharing.  Because of their mobility, your street team can zip from one high foot traffic area to another in no time while gaining impressions along the way.

Street Team Marketing Ideas

2. Walking Billboards

Just as the name implies, brands can literally create a walking advertisement using a brand ambassador and a billboard backpack, wearable balloon, or even a Segway.  Walking billboards can garner thousands of consumer impressions, making them a valuable tool in street team marketing.   Like branded cycles, walking billboards attract attention because people are innately drawn to them out of curiosity.

Street Team Marketing Ideas

3. Piggyback on to a Large Event

Brands can reach thousands of consumers in a short period of time by piggybacking a street team on to a large event like a tradeshow or festival.  Consider positioning a street team to canvas areas just outside a convention hall, festival gates, or even in hotel zones that accommodate event attendees.  Another option for piggybacking is to target popular tourist spots if you’re activating in a city like New York or DC.

Additionally, you can attach a street team to another live marketing event that you are hosting. Examples include food trucks, trade show exhibits, and brand experiences. You can then use the street team to promote and drive traffic to the other activation.

Street Team Marketing Ideas

4. Lead Generation

Lead capture is vital in keeping your brand connected with potential customers and to learn more about them.  Thanks to mobile technology, street teams can capture leads on the spot in a matter of seconds. You can equip your street team brand ambassadors with iPads or opt for a lead generation landing page that they can access from their smartphones.  Offer incentives like digital discounts, a free trial, or a physical giveaway in exchange for contact information.

Street Team Marketing Ideas

5. Get Social

User-generated content can reach a much larger audience than what’s right in front of you.  Encourage consumers to share their brand experience with their social networks.  This could include photos with product samples, giveaways or street team staff.  If there is not a lot of time for photos, opt for a simple hashtag campaign or encourage brand mentions.  As soon as they share content, provide them with some type of incentive for participating. You’ll gain followers, reach a larger audience, and will have a way to engage with consumers after the event.

6. Costumed Brand Ambassadors

Deploying a street team of costumed brand ambassadors will not only attract the attention of passers-by, but it will also earn you a lot of social impressions through consumer-generated content.  Arm your costumed street team with fun costumes and giveaways, unique brand messaging, and a hashtag for maximum exposure.

Street Team Marketing Ideas

7. Product Sampling

This proven strategy is always a crowd pleaser and is easy to execute. Because people love free samples, sampling events offer brands a great opportunity to get new products in the hands of consumers.  Thus, creating awareness and driving sales. Your street team brand ambassadors should be able to quickly engage busy consumers with short, yet memorable, brand messaging.

Street Team Marketing Ideas

Quick Tips for Street Team Marketing Success

  • Determine your goals.
  • Know your audience and where they can be found.
  • Secure permits if necessary.
  • Schedule your event based on when you can reach your target consumer during high traffic times.
  • Hire an event staffing agency to provide you with experienced street team brand ambassadors and a local event manager who can help you with logistics.
  • Always have a backup plan in the event of inclement weather.
  • Provide key brand messaging and training for your street team staff.
  • Evaluate your overall efforts, gather feedback from your street team staff, and make notes on how to better future campaigns.

By implementing these ideas and tips, you’ll be well on your way to a successful street team campaign.

Like with any live marketing campaign, your staff plays a critical role in helping you to achieve your goals.  They are on the front lines, making that oh-so-important first impression on consumers.  To ensure that you have the right people representing your brand, you will want to partner with an experienced event staffing agency that can handle all the nitty-gritty details that go into street team marketing. From securing experienced brand ambassadors to plotting locations to logistics, a staffing agency can take on those tasks, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture and your goals.

ATN Event Staffing is an expert in street team staffing, providing brand ambassadors for street team campaigns since 2002.  Because of our vast experience in this space, we understand the variables and challenges that come with street team marketing.  As a result, we can offer quick solutions to any issues that may arise. If you are planning a street team activation and need staff, or if you have questions about street team marketing, we’re here to assist.

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