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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Event marketing has evolved over the years, becoming a go-to strategy for many businesses and organizations, and I think most marketers would agree that technology has played a very important role in that growth.  From experiential activations to the trade show floor, technology has become a staple for marketers and an expectation for consumers.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we take a look at six innovative event technology solutions that have revolutionized the trade show industry.  We also offer experiential marketing tips for small brands and discuss how media coverage can amplify your brand activation.

6 Event Technology Solutions That Are Revolutionizing the Trade Show Floor

trade show technologyExhibiting at a trade show offers companies a great opportunity to connect and engage with potential customers.  However, it is important for trade show marketers to stay on top of the latest trends to ensure their exhibits gets noticed. From eye-catching exhibits to highly interactive engagement tools, event technology is revolutionizing the trade show floor.  When you think back to the old days of trade shows, it was a pretty boring space.  Attendees roamed from booth to booth, grabbed a free pen, listened to the pitch, and then moved on.  Today’s trade show exhibits are completely the opposite.  The highly immersive and interactive exhibits not only attract a crowd but also keep attendees lingering giving companies ample time to make an impression.  Check out these examples of how trade show marketers are using event technology to create memorable experiences.

How to Generate Maximum Buzz for Your Experiential Marketing Event 

create maximum buzz for experiential marketingWe know that experiential marketing is a highly effective strategy.  One that allows brands to connect with consumers on their terms through face-to-face interactions.  Those interactions help brands to create awareness, form relationships, and in the long run, build brand loyalty.  But all of those things are dependent on one really important thing…activation traffic.  Experiential marketers spend a lot of time researching the perfect location or venue to ensure that the activation will garner enough impressions to make it worth the investment.  But imagine the possibilities if you had a member of the media or an influencer covering your event?   Someone who could generate a ton of buzz before, during, and after the activation.  This would not only drive traffic to your activation, but it would also take brand awareness to a whole new level.  Here, we take a look at how you can entice journalists and influencers to cover your event.

How Small Brands Can Reap the Benefits of Event Marketing

experiential marketing for small brandsMost of the time, when people reference experiential and event marketing, they think of big, flashy, tech-heavy productions that cost a fortune.  However, the power of event marketing stretches far and wide, and it works for brands of all shapes and sizes.  You see, it’s not about the expense, the size, technology, or any other element.  The power comes from the connections that are made and from the relationships that are formed through real-life moments.  And that means that smaller brands can benefit from event marketing just as much as their larger counterparts. In this article, Factory 360 offers up a few tips for small brands who are looking to add event marketing to their marketing mix.

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