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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

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College-aged consumers, those who are 18 – 24 and the oldest of Generation Z, should be on every marketer’s mind.  This generation has never known a world without the internet.  Consequently, traditional advertising tactics just don’t work for these digital natives.  If brands want to connect with Gen Z, they should shift their marketing approach to experiential marketing and face-to-face events, especially on college campuses.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we will look at ways brands can use experiential marketing to reach college students on campus.  We’ll also discuss experiential engagement strategies, event technology trends, and how to get the most out of your experiential marketing efforts.

Leveraging Experiential Marketing to Reach College Students

College Campus MarketingAs the class of 2019 heads out into the world, this is the time for brands to start planning their campus marketing campaigns for the fall.  With Gen Z accounting for the 16 million college students across the U.S., marketing to this generation of consumers should be a top priority. On-campus experiential marketing campaigns and events allow brands to reach this experience-driven generation on their terms, face-to-face.  When brands can offer a tangible, offline experience to students, it creates an opportunity for the brand to connect with Gen Z consumers in an engaging and memorable way.  One that sticks with them, and hopefully turns them into repeat customers and brand loyalists.  Here, we look at a few different approaches that brands can take when marketing to students on and around college campuses.

Is Experiential Marketing Right for Your Brand?

experiential marketing If you haven’t experimented with experiential marketing yet, you’re missing out on a highly effective and impactful way to connect with consumers.  Experiential marketing delivers results that traditional advertising can’t compete with, hence the reason so many companies have incorporated the strategy into their marketing plans.  Experiential marketing provides many benefits for brands and companies of all sizes, from creating brand awareness to brand loyalty.  If you are thinking of incorporating experiential into your marketing mix, read on for a few tips on how to get the most out of your efforts.

Event Technology Trends:  3 Things to Consider

event technologyAdvances in technology have drastically changed the experiential marketing landscape over the past decade.  These advancements have allowed the industry to “advance, improve, and evolve” in many ways and have reshaped brand activations altogether.  Event technology offers brands the opportunity to connect with consumers through highly engaging experiences.  However, just as we’ve seen with smartphones, technology can also bring with it some disconnect with the world around us.  Here, Jawbone Creative covers three key considerations to ensure that brands stay on point when using technology to reach consumers.

10 Experiential Marketing Engagement Strategies to Maximize Your Results

experiential marketing engagemenThere are so many different ways brands can use experiential marketing to connect with consumers.  But, the success of the event relies heavily on the quality of the experience.  And no, you don’t have to have a Fortune 500 budget to pull off an engaging and successful brand experience.  In order to be successful, your event must excite consumers while offering something of value.  Additionally, a well-crafted experiential event will not only attract consumers to the experience, but it will also keep them there.  From brand ambassadors to “chill spaces,” this article explores 10 ways brands can engage with event attendees to maximize results, and ROI.

The Best Experiential Campaigns of the Year

best experiential marketing campaigns Thousands of experiential marketing gurus headed to Chicago earlier this month for the 2019 Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS).  Attendees from around the globe gathered to gain insights, share tips, and discuss emerging trends in the experiential marketing industry.  But, one of the biggest highlights of EMS is the Ex awards ceremony.  The Ex Awards recognizes the top brand experiences of the year across 23 categories.   Read on to see which campaign took home the Grand Ex award and the winners in each category.



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