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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

There are plenty of challenges that come with experiential marketing, and measurement is one of them. While various measurement techniques are effective, there is no consistent or standardized way to measure event ROI. In this week’s Happy Hour, we look at why this is important and how the industry is working together to set benchmarks. We also feature the top event takeaways of 2020, and we look at how event venues are adapting to prepare for hybrid events. Lastly, we close with a promising article regarding the future of the trade show industry.

Experiential Marketing Measurement:  A Consistent and Simplified Approach

“The whole events industry needs to understand that we must get better at proving the value of our work. A standardized set of measurement metrics is an important step in the right direction.” ~Dax Callner, EMMC; Event Tech News

Measuring the effectiveness of experiential marketing events and their impact on an audience is crucial in determining ROI. In the early days of experiential, measurement was difficult, but thanks to advances in technology and a deeper understanding of event metrics, that’s no longer the case. However, there has never been an industry-wide measurement playbook, at least not until now. The Experiential Marketing Measurement Coalition (EMMC) aims to promote “a standardized core of measurement practices that can lead to industry benchmarks.” In this article, we’ll learn more from EMMC’s founder, Dax Coller, about EMMC’s mission and why consistency is essential when it comes to event metrics.

How Venues are Preparing for the Rise of Hybrid Events

“From accreditations pertaining to attendee safety to state-of-the-art broadcasting studios, there’s no shortage of evidence that facilities are ready to take on hybrid events.”  ~Mariana Fernandes, Endless Entertainment

hybrid event venue

In last week’s Happy Hour, we discussed how hybrid events are shaping up to be the hottest trend in 2021.  In fact, according to this study,  64% of event planners expect hybrid events to be the most common type of experience this year.  While planning a hybrid event comes with its own set of challenges, finding a venue that can support a hybrid event is another challenge. Here, Endless Entertainment tackles this topic and how event venues are adapting to keep up with the increasing demand for hybrid-friendly event spaces.

The Top Event Marketing Takeaways from 2020

“To be able to move forward, it is important to look back on the year and understand the Event Learnings that we can take away from such an unpredictable period of time.” ~Groove Yard

Top Event Takeaways of 2020

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, event professionals are looking ahead to 2021 and hopeful that live events will make a full comeback this year.  Since cancelations and postponements were common themes last year, event organizers have been back at the drawing board, developing new strategies to reach audiences.  In this article, we look at the key event takeaways from 2020 and how they will shape the future of events.

Early 2021 Shows Promise for the Trade Show Industry

“A bevy of good news and in-person events held recently signal positive momentum toward a restart of the trade show industry in the United States that effectively has been put on hold since spring of last year.” ~Trade Show Network News

Surf Expo Signals Trade Show Rebound

The trade show industry has faced tremendous obstacles in navigating the return of in-person events, mostly in part to gathering and travel restrictions. But if the past couple of months indicate what the future holds, the industry is well on its way to recovery. With coalitions advocating for the industry, successful shows in Orlando, and the introduction of a Senate bill, it seems that trade shows are on the path to recovery. Here, TSNN discusses the momentum that is building and the path to recovery.

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