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After the pandemic put a damper on in-store holiday shopping in 2020 and 2021, brick-and-mortar shopping is back in full force with 63% of consumers stating they plan to shop in-store this holiday season. But, as shopping habits evolve once again (thanks to rising costs), brands and retailers are tasked with meeting the needs and expectations of consumers during this lucrative time of year. In this week’s Happy Hour, we’ll look at the top trends shaping the retail industry this holiday season. We also feature the key benefits of mobile marketing tours and discuss why emotional marketing is so darn effective.

The Retail Trends Shaping the Holiday Season

retail trends

With the holiday season upon us, many retailers and brands are vying to capture consumers’ attention for one last sales boost before the year ends. And just like the past two years, this year’s holiday shopping season is challenging. While concerns surrounding COVID have waned, consumers and retailers are now combating inflation and inventory issues. That said, consumer expectations have shifted…again. While more people plan to shop in-store this holiday season, they are more mindful of their purchases – from quality to price – and retailers need to take note. To stay ahead of the game and competitors, retailers should focus on creating unique and engaging experiences to make the shopping experience unique and fun. From in-store experiential retail to digital experiences, this article explores retail trends that are shaping the holiday season.

The Power of Emotional Marketing 

the power of emotional marketing

Experiential marketing and emotion go hand in hand. We often talk about how the power of brand experiences evokes emotional responses that result in customer retention and loyalty. But this type of connection or bond is not exclusive to experiential. Brands can use other marketing tactics, including social media campaigns and television ads, to tug at consumers’ heartstrings, too. In this article, the author discusses how to use emotional marketing to benefit your brand.

3 Key Benefits of Mobile Marketing Tours

3 benefits of mobile marketing tours

As you prepare your marketing plans for 2023, consider taking your brand on the road with a mobile marketing tour. Mobile marketing tours are a tried-and-true experiential tactic that allows brands to target and engage consumers in multiple locations instead of one-off events. By expanding your campaign to numerous locations, whether locally, regionally, or even nationally, you’ll be able to reach more people resulting in increased awareness and potentially more sales. Here, we’ll look at three key reasons why you should consider adding a mobile tour to your 2023 marketing mix.

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