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Happy Hour: Experiential and Event Marketing News

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Trade shows are a valuable strategy for companies looking to raise brand awareness, connect with potential customers and partners, and stay competitive within their industry. But to succeed, your booth has to stand out and attract attendees. By turning your trade show booth into an interactive playground, you will leave a lasting impression and increase your chances of making valuable connections on a busy trade show floor. In this Happy Hour roundup, we feature examples of trade show games and activities that elevate engagement. We also look at tips for hosting kid-friendly experiential events and discuss how to keep your experiential strategies relevant as consumer expectations evolve.

How Trade Show Gamification Elevates Engagement

“Trade show booth games are more than just entertainment; they are strategic tools to draw crowds and increase engagement with your brand.” ~Exhibit Options

Trade Show Gamification

Trade shows are highly competitive events, with all exhibitors vying for attention. That said, it’s crucial for trade show marketers to set themselves apart from the competition. Booth placement, design, and engagement tactics can all aid in helping exhibitors reach their maximum potential. One example of a smart engagement tactic is to incorporate gamification into your booth. Games attract attention and foot traffic and provide an excellent opportunity for your trade show staff to interact with attendees. The activities can be used as conversation starters, allowing your staff to convey key brand messaging and forge bonds with booth visitors. Here, we look at some of the top trade show booth games that offer a fun and interactive experience.

5 Tips for Kid-Focused Experiential Marketing 

“Make them the star of the show.” ~Michele Laufik, BizBash

kid-friendly experiential marketing
Hosting an experiential marketing activation aimed at kids requires careful planning and consideration to keep the target audience at the forefront. The reality is that what works for grown-ups is probably pretty “cringe” for most kids. When planning a children’s event, experiential marketers must consider each touchpoint from a kid’s perspective – from games and activities to music to food and beverage choices. It should be hands-on and fun, and, most importantly, it should allow them to play! The goal is to make the event memorable for kids while making a positive impression on their parents or caregivers. In this article, we’ll explore how Sun Bum hosted a successful children’s event and some key takeaways from it.

10 Ways to Keep Your Experiential Marketing Strategy Fresh and Relevant

“To stand out, you need to capture your target audience’s attention.” ~Factory 360

Innovative Experiential Marketing Strategies to Stay Ahead of the Game

In today’s experience-driven economy, experiential marketing has emerged as a powerful tool used to engage and connect with consumers. However, with an evolving and ever-changing landscape, brands are constantly looking for new ways to engage target consumers to keep their approach fresh and appealing. From taking risks and pushing boundaries to incorporating sustainable practices, this article shares innovative tips that marketers can use to elevate their experiential campaigns and capture the attention and loyalty of their target audience.

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