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Trade shows and expos require considerable planning – sometimes years in advance. However, all the planning and logistics involved fall flat if your target audience doesn’t respond to your effort. Though there are many components to consider, the primary focus should always be the attendee experience. Garnering attention and engaging attendees is paramount for a successful event.

Below, we look at how you can maximize your trade show efforts to get your brand the attention it deserves.

6 Tips to Maximize Engagement at Trade Shows & Expos 

Trade Show Engagement

1. Tailor Your Message to the Event

It’s easy to think you can take your overall brand message and apply it to trade show communications. But, if your audience is familiar with your brand, they’ve likely heard your message and will walk right by in search of something new. With that in mind, try and find a way to integrate your message within the event’s theme or platform, so it makes attendees curious to know what you have to add to the conversation.

2. Offer Value Beyond Swag

Promotional items help with awareness and recall after attendees have gone home, but consideration and lead conversions benefit from positive, memorable experiences in real time. Companies that are successful at “surprise and delight” tactics have more positive responses from follow-up tactics well after the show.

3. Showcase Your Offering In a Unique Way

The adage of “show, don’t tell” comes into play at trade shows and expos, of course. For example, product demonstrations, sampling, and other interactive tactics draw engaged crowds. So, take the show a step further by thinking of unique and innovative ideas to highlight your company’s or product’s benefits. Can you show new ways to use the product? Is there a way for customers to experience the benefit in the moment? Even better, how can you get the audience involved?

4. Hire the Right Staff

The people selected to represent your brand or company at your booth or exhibit make all the difference. Your booth design might catch attendees’ eyes, but the warm invitation from your trade show staff will make them stop and listen. Before you start the hiring process, outline the brand attributes or personality traits you want the team to convey and share them with your event staffing partner to align goals in advance.

5. Allow Time for Training

Hiring your trade show staff shouldn’t be at the end of your planning to-do. Moving up this task on your list of priorities means you have plenty of time to source and hire people suited to the event’s needs. Then, start the training process soon after selection. As a result, your reps will have plenty of time to learn about your business, understand goals and metrics, and feel comfortable delivering your key messages.

6. Have Fun on the Floor

It’s a professional setting with high-profile clients, meetings, and ROI on the line, but it’s also an opportunity to find customers outside their daily norm. They are there to learn what’s new, meet new people and have fun doing it. So make sure your showcase, presentation, demonstration, or booth environment adds to their experience with a positive and friendly vibe. Using incentives or gamification is a great way to get people to engage with you, but it’s even better when you have a fun atmosphere to support it. The key is creating a space where people want to be – for your internal teams and customers.

ATN Event Staffing delivers top-tier talent to represent your company directly in front of customers. Our expertise makes the hiring process of a trade show or expo staff seamless within budgeting and planning parameters. Our partners look to us for regional and national events, where we’ve provided trade show professionals for over two decades.

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