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By: Shannon Locker – Digital Marketing Manager – Head of Talent Acquisition at ATN Promo

A young woman who is interested in working promotional modeling jobs with ATN Promo recently asked me “Do you hire petite models?” I responded with “Yes we do! We book all types of models!” – Shannon Moore – Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at ATN Promo

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Modeling Jobs

Promotional Modeling Jobs

When people think of live modeling jobs, they imagine model job openings for 6 ft tall, lean fashion models hired to walk down a runway. Although this may be true in some cases, you may be surprised to learn that there are many other forms of modeling jobs available for all types of individuals. In fact promotional modeling jobs openings are far more accessible, frequent and widespread than live fashion modeling jobs.

What are Promotional Modeling Jobs?

A promotional model is a model hired to represent a product, service or brand by directly interacting with consumers. A Promotional model typically tends to be conventionally attractive in physical appearance and assists in delivering a live experience that reflects the product or service he or she is representing.

As ATN Promo’s primary talent acquisition specialist, I am the first step in getting your information in front of our clients. For this important step I rely solely on your virtual presentation of yourself.

I am recruiting for so many promotional modeling jobs and have an email inbox that overflows daily with 500 messages or more! This means that it is up to YOU to sell yourself through your ATN Profile and the materials you send me.

When hiring promotional models what exactly are talent scouts looking for in my virtual presentation?

Appearance – Photos and video

You may present your physical self virtually are through photos. “Polished” should be the theme for all visual representations of you!

What does polished mean?

Think of your virtual appearance as if you were coming to meet me for a live promotional modeling job interview.

Would you wear sunglasses, bring an entourage or carry a red Solo cup into my office? Would you have on your club outfit? Would we hold our interview in the bathroom? Would you be shirtless or in a bra?

The answer to all of these questions is emphatically “NO!”. When I see the above elements visually present in your photos, I am unable to submit you for consideration for ANY promotional modeling job openings with our clients.

How do I look polished in my photos?

One headshot and one full body shot displaying your smile along with natural but tidy hair and make up. When choosing your outfit stick with casual, formfitting, simplistic, and neutral. I have to be able to see your face and your figure in a realistic manner because you will be modeling at a live event!

Professionalism: Your resume and experience

Do I need Promotional Modeling experience?

You do not need promotional modeling experience! Everyone has to start somewhere. It is helpful for you to include any hospitality or customer service experience. If you are bilingual this is plus and should be included in your resume. Most importantly, your resume should be organized and grammatically correct.

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Personality: Your introduction video

Our promotional models work with our clients and the public so you must be personable and outgoing.

How can I show my personality virtually?

The best way to express yourself as an individual is to add a 30-35 second introduction video to your profile. The video should be of you looking polished and talking about yourself, work experience and interests. This video can be shot on a cell phone and can sell you in a way that nothing else can. Most importantly, more and more clients are asking for introduction videos, so much so that we have added this option to our profile system! This means you can upload you introduction video directly to your ATN Promo profile.

As ATN Promo’s senior talent acquisition specialist I am always seeking new talent across the nation! Please don’t shy away from applying for promotional modeling jobs because you fear you may not have the right kind of “look” or enough experience. What I am looking for can vary depending on the type of promotional modeling job.

Through following the appearance, professional and personality guidelines suggested in this article, you will be presenting your best professional self virtually which is the golden key to opening the door to all of the exciting and super fun promotional modeling jobs we have available.

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