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Immersive experiences have taken the experiential marketing industry by storm, with leading content brands like Netflix and HBOMax taking their intellectual property to create a real-world expression of what consumers have previously connected to on a screen. Immersive experiences fully engage consumers in a sensory-rich environment that makes an unforgettable impression.  They generate a lot of buzz, get significant social media reach, and generate new revenue. And because they are often promoted as fan experiences, most consumers don’t even realize that they are being marketed to.

These experiences make sense for brands with many opportunities to draw from existing content. Yet, brands that offer tangible products and services can also take advantage of these immersive trends to build stronger connections with customers. Below, we look at three strategies to take your brand to new heights.

3 Immersive Brand Experience Strategies that Will Elevate Your Brand 

1. Take Advantage of Experiential Tech

The influx of technology in experiential marketing executions has kept up as more consumers are getting familiar with AR, VR, and other Web3 capabilities. With immersive experiences, brands want everything to feel real, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t relying on new tech to pull it off. Trends like “choose your own adventure” put the consumer in the driver’s seat in deciding how they want to navigate an experiential setting. So, when there are so many variables at play, marketers should take advantage of the tools that make the behind-the-scenes engine just that – behind the scenes.

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2. Hire Brand Fans

When staffing brand ambassadors for your event or experience, look for those who are already familiar with or are avid users and fans of your brand. Not only will they be thrilled to be part of the team, but their enthusiasm will also be evident to customers, adding an authentic and deeper layer to the overall encounter. They will have an easier time relating to the customers on-site because they immediately have something in common – a love for your brand – and everyone is excited and invested in the outcome.

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3. Focus on the Consumer, Not the Metric

While immersive experiences are a marketing execution, they are, more importantly, like a love letter to brand fans. They take something that exists as a concept and give it an actual, physical presence. So even though marketers are the ones who build and develop brands, the fans are the ones who give them meaning. To honor this, immersive experiences should solely focus on the fan experience. Of course, success metrics play a role, but the execution should revolve around something other than hard KPIs. Instead, give your best and most valuable customers what they want, and they return the investment with even greater loyalty, advocacy, and sales.

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ATN Event Staffing has provided brand ambassadors and promotional staff for immersive event experiences for over 20 years! We will collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that the team representing your brand brings excitement and enthusiasm to the activation for an authentic consumer experience.

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