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5 Throwback Promo Giveaway Ideas

True Story

Want your brand to stand out at your next event? Why not let the nostalgic flow with these throwback promo giveaway ideas.

1. 3.5” Floppy Discs: Print your branding on one of these bad-boys and watch people start in with the comments. “What is this thing?” “Oh man, I remember these!” “I can’t even fit one HD Photo on this thing with a measly 1.44 megs of storage capability!”

Then see if anyone is up for the challenge of extracting the data form the disc in somewhat of a techie throwback scavenger hunt. Tie in social media hashtags to keep it current and so everyone can see who cracked the case. #floppyforthewin

promo giveaway ideas

2. Calling Cards: If you remember calling cards then you might have had a Zack Morris cell phone. Get some calling cards made for your next on site contest and get people laughing at themselves because it wasn’t that long ago we used these things from the local grocery store, airport or gas station payphone. 

Customize an on-site activation where consumers either call-in or surf to a micro-site to see what they’ve won. They can redeem their code on site to win immediately, or redeem online.

promo giveaway ideas

 3. Slap bracelets: Easy to brand, inexpensive and really stylish for all ages! You can even go high tech with LED light up slap bracelets. Woah!

4. Metal Lunchbox: These are coming back in a major way. Of course they take up a lot of room in your storage area at your event, but they can’t weigh that much so your tour trailer is bound to stay under your GVWR limit.    

5. Reusable Ice Cubes: Not everyone has a sweet ice maker, okay! These are pretty fun and you can brand them with your logo. Some even light up for those that can stay up past 8pm. 

Hopefully, you enjoyed traveling back in time checking out a few old school giveaway ideas. Thinking of these brought me back to a simpler time. I’d love to hear some other throwback ideas you might have in the comments section. Happy promoting, everyone!

Blake Herder by Blake Herder