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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Providing consumers with promotional giveaways is a staple in event marketing.  Promotional swag boosts engagement and can benefit brands in many ways.  For starters, it creates a memory and can ignite brand recognition and awareness.  But today’s consumers expect more than a branded pen, they want something of value.  And no, we’re not talking about expensive items, we’re talking about usable items. In this week’s edition of Happy Hour, we look at what’s trending when it comes to promotional giveaways.   We’ll also discuss marketing to Gen Z, how B2B companies can benefit from experiential, and capturing the attention of trade show attendees.

Promotional Giveaways:  5 Trends to Elevate Your Swag Game

“From minimizing your logo to going old-school, there are a lot of ways to do swag that don’t necessarily feel like the same-old-same-old.” ~Ernie Smith

promotional event giveaways Promotional marketing events have many moving parts, from location to technology to staffing.  And while new trends emerge year after year, one thing that has played an important role in event marketing since the beginning of time…attendee giveaways.  Like everything else, promotional swag has evolved throughout the years.  If you’re still distributing branded pens or scratchy t-shirts, you may be in a need of a swag makeover.  Today’s consumers want useful items, and they certainly don’t want to be a walking billboard.  From digital swag to nostalgic items, here’s what is currently trending in the promotional swag department.

The Right Way to Market to Gen Z

“For most brands, reaching this consumer won’t be easy. Although Gen Z’ers are hyper-aware of both established and emerging brands, they are skeptical of any messaging or branding that appears contrived or can be viewed as pandering to them.” ~Ann D’Adamo

marketing to Gen ZJust when we have figured out how to market to Millennials, a new generation is taking over.  Gen Z, those born between 1996-2008, is set to represent 40% of consumers by the year 2020.  And like Millennials, they already have significant purchasing power.  Gen Zers were born into the world of information, they have never known a world without the internet and information at their fingertips.  That alone makes them incredible savvy when it comes to purchasing decisions.  Brands are eager to connect with this generation but figuring how to connect with them is just as important.  What motivates them?  Inspires them?  What do they look for in a brand?  Those are just a few questions that marketers should explore.  In this article by Inspira, we take a look a deeper look at Gen Z to get a better understanding of who they are and how brands can win them over with experiential marketing.

The Rise of Experiential in B2B Marketing

“Should your B2B brand join the growing number of companies using experiential marketing? Chances are, you can come up with a plan to incorporate it into your marketing strategy in a highly beneficial way.” ~Nathan P. Sykes

rise of experiential in B2B marketingAs experiential marketing continues to reign for B2C brands, B2B marketers are beginning to realize that they can reap the benefits of this face-to-face strategy, too.  In fact, experiential is proving to be “one of the most prominent B2B marketing trends of this year.”  Experiential works for B2B brands for the exact same reasons it works for B2C brands.  After all, consumers and customers are both human. They both crave hands-on experiences, personalization, face-to-face engagement, and so forth.  B2B brands can use experiential to build trust and foster long-lasting relationships with customers.  This article explores the benefits of experiential for B2B companies and offers tips for companies who are looking to incorporate this strategy into their overall marketing plan.

How to Attract the Right Audience to Your Trade Show Booth

“The next time you think about your trade show presence remember: a crowd is great, but a group of the right people hearing the right message is always better.” ~Exhibit Concepts

Trade Show AttendeesWhen it comes to trade show exhibitions, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of attendees.  And while grabbing the attention of those in attendance is critical to the success of the exhibit, attracting the right crowd is even more crucial.  As an exhibitor, it’s imperative to find a way to set yourself apart and rise above the rest to ensure your message is by your target audience.  In doing so, you’ll set yourself up for success and increase your chances of achieving ROI.  Here, Exhibit Concepts explains how trade show marketers can capture their target audience’s attention and create memorable experiences for them.

ATN’s Happy Hour brings you your weekly dose of experiential and event marketing news, tips, and trends.  Join us again next week!  Cheers!

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