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Event professionals have anxiously been awaiting the return of face-to-face events, and fortunately, it seems that we may be gaining some momentum. Brand activations have been popping up on a small scale, and event professionals even went out on a limb and hosted a conference to prove that people can safely gather together.  While the live events industry still has a long road ahead, these small victories are a step in the right direction.  

In this edition of Happy Hour, we celebrate the Together Again Expo and all of the fantastic learnings that came from it. We also take a look at a few corporate event ideas, things to consider when planning an event during the pandemic, and we give you an update on the latest trade show trends.

The Show Must Go On: Key Takeaways From the Together Again Expo 

“The snowstorm will end, there are blue skies ahead.” ~ David DeBois, Together Again Expo

Live Events are Coming Back

Photo: Orange County Convention Center

One of the first industries to feel the effects of the coronavirus was the live events industry. With the cancellation of conferences, trade shows, festivals, and sporting events, event professionals around the globe were shell-shocked as the pandemic dealt a devastating blow to the industry. But, as you can imagine, as reality set in, the wheels started turning. How can we overcome this? What precautions can we take to safely gather again? How can we design events with social distancing in mind? Event professionals have diligently been working on solutions to get things moving, and there is no better way to showcase these solutions than by hosting an in-person conference. The Together Again Expo proved to the world that live events can happen, safely and successfully. Read on to learn more about the expo and the key takeaways from the brilliant minds behind the show.

5 Corporate Event Ideas to Consider

“Businesses can still have such events, as long as they take the necessary precautions.” ~MC2

Companies can safely host corporate events in 2020

Photo: Halcyon

The pandemic has left most employers operating with 100% remote workforce. For most, working from home those first few weeks was exciting – no more commutes, no more rushing around to find car keys, get the kids out the door, and so on. Life was a little more laid back, and folks were soaking that in. Fast forward a few months and many are longing to go back to the office. People miss their daily routines and all of those informal interactions with coworkers. As states move through reopening phases and the restrictions on outdoor gatherings loosen, companies can bring their employees together again by hosting an outdoor corporate event. In this article, MC2 explores several corporate event ideas that organizations should consider to bring their teams together again.

3 Things to Consider When Planning a Live Event During COVID-19

“When in-person events return, taking steps to make audiences feel comfortable engaging with your people, your space, and your stories will be paramount.” ~Derse

What to Consider When Planning a Live Event During COVID-19

Everyone in the event industry is yearning for the return of face-to-face events. But as event organizers prepare for events during the pandemic, they should keep in mind that things will be different for a while. Activating during this time will require a lot of flexibility, planning, and a whole lot of patience. Things that were never considered before will need to be implemented moving forward, like more training for your event staff and safety protocols and proceduresHere, Derse presents three things that experiential and event marketers will need to consider before planning an event.

2020 Trade Show Trends Reinvented

“If there is one thing we know about trade show and event professionals, they always have a back-up plan.” ~Exhibit Concepts

Trade Show Trends: Reinventing the Wheel in 2020

Late last year, we featured this article that predicted the top trade show trends for 2020. From super-interactive exhibits to immersive storytelling to personalized experiences, the trends that were featured were sure to be the next big thing. But, 2020 threw us an unexpected curveball. A novel virus that forced us into unprecedented times, pivoting, and staying six feet away from each other. Now that we are settling into this not-so-normal way of life, trade show and event professionals have been busy reinventing the wheel and taking this time to prepare themselves and the industry for the future. For now, we will push those original predictions aside and explore the new trends that are gaining traction.

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