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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

We all know that experiential is the way to go if you’re looking to make powerful connections with your consumers.  We also know that b-to-b events are a powerful way for business professionals to connect with peers.  However, the scheduled networking activities you find at b-to-b events are a bit drab and even dreaded.  To avoid being “that” conference, planners can add a splash of experiential to liven things up.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we’ll show you ways you can spice up your b-to-b events with engaging networking opportunities.  We’ll also dive into the future of event technology (hot off the CES floor), and take a look at a few brilliant examples of multisensory trade show exhibits.

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Next B-to-B Event

“Networking is no longer a supplementary activity at b-to-b events—it’s an attendee’s primary objective.” ~Event Marketer

B2B Events Networking Tips

One of the main reasons that people attend conferences and corporate events is because they love to listen to long-winded and drawn-out presentations – just kidding. According to this study, networking is a top priority for today’s corporate event attendees. They crave one-on-one engagement and interactivity, and they want choices.  The old and somewhat awkward idea of hoping that networking naturally occurs through things like scheduled coffee breaks should be put to rest. Thanks to experiential elements, B2B networking can be fun and engaging. And, it fosters meaningful connections amongst peers. Here, Event Marketer shares examples of how a few big companies bring the wow factor to b-to-b networking with a creative and fresh approach. 

The Future of Event Technology

“Event planners shouldn’t care about 95% of what is presented at CES. That remaining 5%, though, may have quite a big impact.” ~Event MB 

Event Technology Trends

Photo: LG

While the focus of CES is consumer technology, the king of trade shows also offers a peek into the future of event technology.  For event marketers, new technology equates to new opportunities and unlimited possibilities.  Opportunities that allow them to better connect and engage with attendees, capture data, and measure event success.  From 5G capabilities to 8k projections, this article looks at five technology elements from CES that might just be the next big thing in events.

Brilliant Examples of Multisensory Trade Show Exhibits 

“It can be difficult to make a splash at a trade show. With competitors parked literally next door, the competition to attract attendees to your space —and get them to dwell there for some time—is fierce.” ~Sparks

Multisensory Trade Show Exhibits

Exhibiting at a trade show offers companies the opportunity to generate brand awareness, show off products and services, and connect with prospects. However, the trade show floor is also a very competitive and crowded space with everyone vying for attention. With that said, event marketers have to find ways to stand out and rise above the competition. One way to do that is by creating captivating, multisensory experiences that not only attract attendees but also keep them hanging around. In this article, Sparks features four brands that used engaging multisensory experiences to woo trade show attendees.

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