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Spring has Sprung at ATN Event Staffing!

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Dear Friends,

At ATN we work daily to improve and streamline the nationwide event staffing experience for our clients and team. Even in our 15th year, growth and adaptation have been constant. So, now that Spring is upon us, we can’t think of a better time to present the new “ATN”.

We’re still “across the nation”, but now our initials stand tall right across our nation/logo.

Nationwide Event Staffing

And since we’re so familiar, feel free to call us (simply) “ATN”… or “ATN Event Staffing” when in our best-dressed (since we staff so much more than promos).

We’re very excited for our continued growth and are sure to show it everywhere. …And yes, that includes the new look/feel of our webpage -> atneventstaffing.com   Please do check it out. And be sure to come back periodically for our frequent blog posts (featuring industry news and insights).

With Elation,

ATN Event Staffing

ATN provides top-notch promotional talent for experiential and event marketing campaigns –  from product launches to brand awareness campaigns to lead generation and everything in between.  ATN works closely with our clients to ensure that marketing goals are met by providing them with the RIGHT staff based on their event needs.

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