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A podcast that shares helpful tips and information for those who work in the experiential and event marketing industry.

“Hang in there.” ~Robin Kleban, George P. Johnson 

The live events industry has suffered tremendously from the COVID-19 pandemic and the amazing people who work behind the scenes and in the field are grappling with working from home, furloughs, layoffs, and a whole lot of downtime (which is a rarity for experiential and event marketers).  For many, it has been extremely hard to keep a positive mindset when there is so much uncertainty in the world around us, but as this episode’s  guest points out, we need to “hang in there.”

In this edition of the Be Herd podcast powered by ATN Event Staffing, our host Blake Herder sits down with Robin Kleban, Vice President at GPJ to discuss this new way of life, work-life balance, and coping with the unknown.

The Be Herd podcast caters to those who work in the experiential and event marketing industry.  On each show, host Blake Herder discusses a variety of topics and offers helpful tips, resources, and more.

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