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The Las Vegas atmosphere is a vibe in itself. Tack on the biggest sporting event of the year, and it’s even more electrifying. With over 330,000 fans flocking to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII festivities, brands seized the opportunity to create unforgettable moments with immersive activations and exclusive events. In this edition of Happy Hour, we feature some of the buzziest brand experiences and activations from Super Bowl LVIII. We also explore the benefits of brand partnerships and how to create a successful event marketing plan.

Super Bowl LVIII: 15 Brand Experiences That Scored With Fans

“Brands captured consumers’ attention with sprawling footprints, commemorative giveaways, specialty menus, celebrity-attended brunches and booming late-night parties.” ~ Juanita Chavarro Arias, Event Marketer

Super Bowl LVII: 17 Buzzworthy Brand Activations and Experiences

Super Bowl LVIII wasn’t just about the Chiefs’ epic win in OT, Usher’s halftime performance, or even Taylor and Travis (gasp). It was a battleground for branding brilliance, with brands pulling out all the stops to win over fans. Brand experiences dominated Las Vegas, with activations, parties, and sponsorships taking center stage at various venues and events throughout the city. Here, Event Marketer delivers a round-up of some of the most engaging and attention-grabbing brand activations from Super Bowl LVIII.

Why Brand Partnerships Are a Win-Win 

“Partnerships are beneficial for both sides — each company involved in a successful partnership stands to gain more recognition, trust, and success.” ~The Branded Agency

Brand Partnerships

Photo: Kellogg’s SIXSTAR Brand Partnership Launch Event

The number of marketing channels brands can choose from has increased significantly over the last decade, and the landscape is everchanging. As brands try to keep up with the changes and trends, they also look for ways to differentiate themselves, build brand awareness, and capture market share. Many companies are finding success in developing strategic partnerships and collaborations. These partnerships can be a game-changer and can lead to capturing the attention of new audiences, expanding reach into new markets, and creating new revenue streams for both organizations. Here, we explore the advantages of brand partnerships and look at some examples of successful collaborations.

How to Build a Powerful Event Marketing Strategy

“It’s useful to think of your event goal as the destination and a good strategy acts as various touchpoints along the way to help you get there.” ~EventBrite

Tips to Build a Powerful Event Marketing Strategy

Marketing events are one of the best ways to promote your brand, build brand awareness, and create relationships with target customers. But to maximize ROI and achieve success, you will need an event strategy that aligns with your big-picture goals. By planning ahead for the expected and unexpected, you will lay the groundwork for a successful event. From planning and budgeting to marketing and measurement, here’s how to craft an effective event strategy.

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