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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 

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Conferences are back in full force, and attendees are more than ready to meet up, network, and have fun. The registration and check-in process always has room for improvement, but now with vaccination requirements or proof of a negative COVID test slowing things down even more, it’s important to reevaluate the process to make it quick and easy for your attendees. In this week’s Happy Hour, we deliver tips on how to make your conference registration experience run smoothly. We also discuss how branded vehicles can add flair to your product sampling campaign, and we deliver Bizzabo’s mid-year data on the state of the events industry.

10 Tips to Ensure Your Conference Registration Process is Seamless 

You’ve spent months crafting the perfect conference experience for your attendees; now it’s go-time. Attendees are excited to get on-site and have fun, and you get to see all of your hard work come to fruition. But as you probably know, a lousy check-in process can derail even the most perfectly planned conference. Since the check-in and registration process is the first impression of an event, it should be a seamless process. After all, no one wants to wait for too long in an unorganized and boring line. From making sure you have the right amount of staff to handle the volume of check-ins to having the right technology in place, here are ten tips to ensure your event registration process goes off without a hitch.

Boost Your Product Sampling Campaign With a Branded Vehicle

how branded vehicles can help sampling campaigns

Product sampling campaigns have long been a go-to experiential marketing tactic for CPG brands. Try before you buy is a proven method that generates buzz, increases sales, and may aid in brand loyalty. Sampling campaigns can be executed just about anywhere, from retail stores to college campuses and even with street teams. Adding a branded vehicle into the mix gives brands even more visibility, not to mention mobility. A branded promotional vehicle adds flair and gives consumers a visual aid that attracts more attention than other sampling setups. It also provides a place to store inventory and collateral, giving brands more flexibility with sampling locations. In this article, the Events Structure explains how you can boost your sampling campaign by utilizing a branded vehicle.

The State of Event Marketing: Where It’s Been and Where It’s Headed

The State of Event Marketing

Event marketing is once again on top, becoming the go-to strategy for many brands and organizations after the pandemic caused a long hiatus for face-to-face marketing. While some predicted virtual events to become the future of event marketing, brands quickly realized that people longed for human interaction and digital-only events couldn’t live up to in-person formats. This comprehensive mid-year report provides key data points, stats, and trends that demonstrate how the industry is evolving and adapting to help event marketers and stakeholders plan for the future.

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