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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

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Pre-coronavirus, experiential marketing was booming, and once this crisis subsides, it will be just as effective, if not more. Humans crave interaction and face-to-face engagement, and those two things are what make experiential marketing so successful. In this week’s Happy Hour round up, we lead off with an article that explains the psychology of experiential marketing. We’ll also discuss how mid-size brands can reap the benefits of experiential, and how brands can build trust in their brand amid Covid-19.

Why is Experiential Marketing So Effective?

“Planning a lucrative marketing campaign is easier when you understand why your customers think in a certain way, or make the decisions that they do.” ~Limelight

why is experiential marketing effective

Photo: Refinery 29

Experiential marketing is a powerful strategy that brings consumers and brands together through in-person experiences. The experiences are engaging and interactive, and most importantly, they leave an impression. While several tangible factors play a role in the effectiveness of experiential, it goes much deeper than the physical experience; it’s the science behind the strategy that makes it so darn amazing. In this article, Limelight explores the psychology of experiential marketing and how brands can take advantage of these findings to create an irresistible event.

How Mid-Size Brands Can Reap the Benefits of Experiential Marketing 

“For mid-size brands, experiential marketing is not only possible, it’s a must.” ~The Pineapple Agency

mid-size brands and experiential marketing

Some companies believe that experiential marketing is only feasible if you’re a big brand with a big budget. But the fact of the matter is experiential works for brands of all sizes. It’s not about a flashy event or shelling out the big bucks to be at the hottest venues, instead, it’s all about providing consumers with an experience. The experience could be as simple as distributing samples of a product at a community event, or perhaps using a guerrilla marketing tactic like a street team to create buzz for a brand. Here, we take a look at how experiential marketing can benefit mid-size brands.

4 Ways That Brands Can Help to Restore Consumer Confidence

“To reignite the economy, businesses need to restore this critical sentiment.” ~Michelle Manafay via Inc.

restore trust in your brand

As places begin to reopen, and people emerge from their homes, businesses must be especially mindful of consumers’ concerns and feelings. Over the past two months, consumer confidence has plummeted. To get the economy back on track, brands are going to have to work hard to restore that confidence and build trust, and that begins with brand messaging. From safety measures to recognizing what consumers are dealing with, here are a few messaging tips that brands should consider.

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