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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 01.11.19

Many brands and businesses rely on trade shows to generate awareness and increase sales for their products and services.  In fact, trade shows continue to be one of the most profitable B2B marketing strategies around.  But like anything else in marketing, there are components that can make or break your trade show event.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we take a look at three things that can ruin your trade show event.  We also feature articles that cover marketing to millennials, content strategies for experiential campaigns, and the greatest marketing and PR stunts of 2018.  Enjoy!

3 Things That Can Ruin Your Trade Show Event

trade showThe trade show circuit is a great place for businesses to showcase their products and services.  Trade show participation can help generate leads, increase sales, create brand awareness, and much more.  But, a trade show exhibit also takes a lot of resources, both financially and in preparation.  In order to be successful and get a good return from your trade show efforts, you need to carefully plan and prepare for your trade show exhibit.  In this article, we look at three common errors that can ruin your trade show event.

How to Reach Millennials with Experiential Marketing

Millennials and experiential marketing Brands are always trying to find new ways to reach millennials and experiential marketing is one of them.  But in order to reach this generation, marketers have to be careful in their approach.  Millennials appreciate event experiences that are meaningful, genuine, and those that have substance.  In order to create a deep connection with this generation, brands have to tell their story in a unique and engaging way.  One that allows the story to be told but also allows the consumer to be immersed within the story, creating a two-way conversation and then nurturing that relationship.  Here, we take a look at the right way to reach millennials, and it’s not as hard as you think.

4 Content Strategies to Give Your Experiential Marketing Campaign a Boost

content strategies for experiential marketingExperiential marketing is all about creating a bond between the consumer and the brand through immersive, interactive, and engaging experiences.  Those experiences alone create memories and emotional ties for consumers, turning them into brand fans and even loyalists.  But when you add a good content strategy into the mix, you have the power to extend the experience, reach more people, create more awareness, and, best of all, increase your ROI.  These four content strategies will certainly give your experiential marketing campaign a boost.

The Greatest Marketing and PR Stunts of 2018

PR Stunt Experiential MarketingIn last week’s Happy Hour, we brought you Econsultancy’s roundup of ten buzzworthy experiential campaigns.  This week, we take a look at Adweek’s roundup of 15 marketing stunts, brand activations, and “odd creations” of 2018 that created quite a stir, including one of my personal favorites, “Palessi.”  The beauty of today’s marketing world is that you never know what you’re going to see or experience next.  From hilarious pranks to mind-boggling event experiences, check out which campaigns made the list.

Join us each week for Happy Hour as we cover the latest news from the experiential and event marketing industry!  Cheers!

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