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The evolution of experiential marketing is fascinating and to see how far the industry has come is even more intriguing.  It’s always fun during this time of year to start off fresh with new ideas and inspiration while taking a look back at the previous year – strategies, trends, events, predictions, ETC.  In our first Happy Hour of 2019, we lead off with an article that covers the most notable experiential marketing trends of 2018.  We’ll also discuss three key principles of experiential marketing and take a look at ten buzzworthy campaigns to give you a little inspiration in the new year.

The Most Notable Experiential Marketing Trends of 2018

experiential  marketing trends 2018And just like that another year has come and gone.  From the most recent data that supports experiential marketing, it’s easy to say that it continued to prove itself as a highly impactful strategy.  As we begin a new year, it’s interesting to look back at the hottest events and the top trends of the previous year.  There were several noteworthy trends in 2018 including the rise of AI, brand homes, and an uptick in CSR and cause-related events.  But that’s not all.  Here, Event Marketer covers the top experiential trends of 2018.

10 Buzzworthy Experiential Marketing Campaigns

buzzworthy experiential campaignsLike with any industry, in experiential marketing there are experts, gurus, even geniuses that we all look up to.  Some campaigns are so mesmerizing and so well-thought out, it almost seems unreal that anyone could actually come up with the idea.  You know the ones, the buzzworthy campaigns that fill up our LinkedIn and Twitter feeds and leave us in awe.  If you’re looking for a little inspiration in the new year, check out Econsultancy’s round-up of 10 amazing experiential campaigns.

3 Key Principles of Experiential Marketing

key principles of experiential marketing85% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service after attending a live marketing event. With that kind of statistic, it’s easy to see why so many marketers are turning to experiential marketing to engage with consumers in a fun and innovative way.  While creating an event takes a lot of planning and an enormous amount of creativity, there are still a few basic principles that every marketer should follow.  Read on to find out what they are and how you can implement them the next time you are planning an experiential campaign.

Thanks for joining us for Happy Hour.  We’ll gather again next week to discuss the latest and greatest in experiential marketing news.  Cheers!

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