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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 08.10.18

Experiential marketing creates experiences, and in turn, people share those experiences. In fact, a whopping 98% of consumers create digital or social content at events and experiences, and of those who create content, 100% share it. (EventTrack).  This proves that one of the most powerful aspects of experiential marketing is that attendees have a huge influence on those outside of the event. In this week’s Happy Hour, we lead off with an article by Social Tables that shows just how influential user-generated content is.  We also take a look at how brands are targeting younger generations, experiential trends turned best practices and the role experiential plays in healthcare marketing.  Last, but not least, we finish with a few tips on choosing the right vehicle for a mobile marketing tour.

Attendee-Generated Content Takes Events to a Whole New Level

“Giving attendees the chance to get involved generates a “tribe” like feel, bringing guests closer together and making them more inclined to share their experiences.” ~Jose Angelo Gallegos

attendee generated contentGone are the days of event marketers only having to cater to the people attending an event. Fast forward to 2018 and marketers not only need to think about the actual attendees but a whole other world of people out there.  Those sitting behind their screens, and rightfully named the digital audience.  Thankfully, brands can leave it to attendees to speak to this digital audience through user (attendee) generated content.  By offering a super-sharable experience, attendees can become a part of a brand’s story.  Whether it’s selfie-stations or social walls, brands can count on attendees to generate even more brand buzz and reach those not in attendance.  Here are 7 examples of brands who capitalized on attendee-generated content to take their events to a new level.

Brands Tap Into the Festival Scene to Win Over Gens Y and Z

“Competition between brands ‘owning’ the festival experience is fiercer than a fight for the last clean portaloo.” ~Verve

festival marketingMusic festivals have become an extremely popular choice for brand activations.  With thousands and thousands flocking to see their favorite bands play and good vibes all around, brands can take full advantage of people having a good time in a high-energy atmosphere.  And because Millennials and Gen Z make up a large percentage of music festival attendees, this gives brands an opportunity to reach this coveted demographic whose spending power continues to grow.  But with a multitude of brands all vying to win over attendees’ hearts (and wallets), the competition can be fierce.  Here, Verve gives us a few examples of brands who have successfully tapped into the festival scene.

Healthcare Companies Shift to Experiential Marketing

“As healthcare companies shift their focus to personalized medicine and services, marketers are also taking a human-centric approach with the customer experience at the forefront of experiential design.” ~Grace Yuen

healthcare marketingWhile some may believe that experiential marketing is reserved for only a few industries, like food and beverage brands or technology companies, that is far from true. Experiential marketing works for just about any industry that has customers or clients, including the healthcare industry.  In the past, the healthcare industry has been thought of as somewhat closed off and cold.  But now, healthcare brands are seeking out ways to connect with their customers, spark conversations, and to evoke emotional connections.  And, face-to-face marketing opens the door to all of those things, creating warm and inviting experiences that are fostering relationships.  This article explores why more and more healthcare brands are turning to experiential marketing to communicate with potential customers.

Standing the Test of Time:  Experiential Trends Turned Best Practices

Moving from emerging trend to a best practice doesn’t mean these ideas are worn out or old news, it just means that they’ve proven themselves beyond the buzz as a steady and reliable option.” ~Freeman XP

experiential marketing trendsEvent trends come and go, and while some seem to disappear as quickly as they appeared, others stick around for the long haul.  For brands to stay competitive, and in order to create relevant event experiences for consumers, marketers need to keep tabs on the trends that are here to stay and those that are on their way out. From pop-ups to easily consumable and shareable content, this article identifies six trends that have stood the test of time and are no longer considered a trend, but more of a staple for experiential and event marketers.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Mobile Marketing Tour

“Choosing mobile marketing vehicles for brand tours doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. Plan ahead, identify clear objectives and team with the right partners.” ~Sparks

mobile marketing tour vehicleMobile marketing tours have been around for years and remain one of the most popular experiential strategies around.  Mobile activations are unique in that they target specific consumers, in any setting, and better yet, you can execute them anywhere.  And while so many components make up a mobile activation, from location to giveaways to staff, there is one component that takes center stage, the vehicle.  Mobile marketing vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from branded passenger vehicles to 18-wheelers.  And with so many choices, choosing and designing the right vehicle for a mobile campaign may seem a like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on for tips for finding the right mobile marketing vehicle for your campaign.

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