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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Staying on top of the latest experiential marketing trends is crucial for success, especially after 2020’s roller-coaster year.  As many brands put their experiential plans on hold last year, the movers and shakers in the industry were working to create innovative solutions to deploy in the era of COVID.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we feature the trends that are set to impact the experiential marketing industry in 2021.

5 Trends Set to Impact Experiential Marketing in 2021

“After some significant changes to the experiential landscape in 2020, this year brand experiences will continue to evolve in order to engage with audiences.” ~Fayola Douglas, Campaign 

Experiential Marketing Trends 2021

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Experiential marketing is always evolving, from consumer engagement methods to technology. However, after 2020, the industry has had to make drastic changes to the way brands, and consumers interact with one another. As we pointed out in our most recent blog, 63% of event marketers plan to resume in-person events this year. With that said, now is the time to delve into the trends set to impact experiential marketing this year.

Drive-thru Events:  Bridging the Gap for Experiential Marketers in 2020

“The drive-thru trend that rolled out across the nation this year provided a lifeline for event marketers searching for a way to safely connect with consumers.” ~Rachel Boucher, Event Marketer

Drive-Thru Events in Experiential Marketing

Photo: Event Marketer

Last March, the experiential marketing industry came to an abrupt halt as the coronavirus swept through the world.  And as social distancing became the new norm, experiential marketers were tasked with finding new ways to engage with consumers in-person.  One of the most successful concepts we’ve seen is the drive-thru event in which consumers participate in experiences from the safety of their vehicle.  From product samplings to entertainment experiences, here are five fantastic examples of branded drive-thru events.

Experiential Marketing in 2021:  Getting Back to Basics

“Our industry was founded by creative thinkers who found ways to do more with less and that sort of tenacity is exactly what will help us to rebuild it.” ~John Marchini, Havas Street

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The most basic experiential marketing principles allow consumers to experience a brand through sight, touch, sounds, and conversation. Contrary to what some may believe, it’s these fundamental elements that make experiential successful and not technology, elaborate Instagrammable designs, or campaigns for the masses. As we navigate experiential marketing in a COVID world, getting back to the roots of experiential marketing with tactics that deliver experiences directly to consumers (like product sampling events, street teams, and mobile marketing tours) will be the key to experiential engagement in 2021.  Read more here.

For almost two decades, ATN has been the event staffing company of choice for thousands of marketing agencies and brands.  As you plan your experiential marketing campaigns for 2021, let our top-notch brand ambassadors and promotional staff help you reach your consumers where they work, live, and play.

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