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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up 

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Many marketers are getting their experiential plans back on track amid the pandemic by creating campaigns that allow for consumer engagement from the safety of a vehicle. While drive-in and drive-through experiences rely on consumers staying in or near a vehicle, mobile marketing tours deliver safe and engaging experiences directly to consumers by way of branded vehicles. In this week’s Happy Hour, our discussion focuses on mobile marketing tour ideas that can accommodate a variety of experiential campaign needs while keeping consumers safe. We’ll also take a look at outdoor exhibits that align with physical distancing, the appeal of analog experiences in a digitally exhausted world, and why B2B marketers should incorporate experiential elements to connect with customers.

7 Mobile Marketing Tour Ideas to Jumpstart Your Experiential Marketing Plans

“In the age of social distancing, engaging consumers from the safety of a vehicle, in one form or another, is one of the ways event marketers are getting experiential programming back on track.” ~Kait Shea, Event Marketer

Mobile Tour Ideas

Mobile marketing tours have long been a key tactic in experiential marketing.  They not only allow brands to deliver key messaging and engage consumers in multiple markets, but they also generate a ton of buzz out on the road with branded vehicles.  As experiential marketers look for ways to safely connect with consumers during COVID-19, they should consider hitting the road with a good old-fashioned mobile tour.  In this article, Event Marketer delivers seven inspiring mobile tour ideas that can help brands jumpstart their experiential marketing plans.

How Brands are Using Analog Experiences to Fulfill the Needs of a Digitally Exhausted World 

“Our attention spans are waning rapidly after enduring a number of decidedly mediocre online ‘experiences’.” ~Hayley James, Sense NY

Brands are Using Analog Experiences to Fulfill the Needs of a Digitally Exhausted World 

While technology has been a lifesaver during the pandemic, screen fatigue is setting in. People around the globe have relied on digital devices to work, attend school, connect with family and friends, and for virtual events and entertainment.  Digital has been forced into every area of our lives, leaving people craving what used to be – analog experiences that provide tactile interactions. So how can brands fulfill the need for tangible and meaningful experiences during the pandemic while incorporating digital to benefit their efforts? Let’s take a look at how a few brands are walking the “digital/analog tightrope.”

4 Outdoor Exhibit Ideas to Consider 

“An outdoor display is an effective solution because taking your exhibit outside makes it safer for people to explore.” ~ProExhibits

Ideas for Outdoor Exhibitions

There’s no denying that the live events industry has taken a beating from the pandemic. Around the world, trade shows, meetings, conferences, and so forth have been canceled or postponed. The industry was quiet for months as trade show organizers and event planners scrambled to seek out new ways to deliver safe experiences for attendees. One safe alternative, in particular, that is gaining in popularity is outdoor exhibitions. Outdoor exhibits are an effective solution for several reasons, and with all that is going on, people seem to be more comfortable interacting in outdoor environments.  Here are four outdoor exhibit ideas to consider in lieu of indoor exhibitions.

6 Ways That B2B Marketers Can Reap the Benefits of Experiential Marketing

“The business people you want to reach are like the rest of us: They, too, want to enjoy fun, interactive experiences while learning about your company.” ~Paul Soseman, Department Zero

Experiential Marketing for B2B businesses

Consumers crave the personalization and human touch that experiential marketing delivers, and the same can be said for B2B customers. Just because these customers represent a business doesn’t mean they don’t expect the same level of interaction and connection that consumers do. After all, they’re human, too. They require the same level of engagement and interactive and immersive experiences that tell a company’s story. Here, we take a look at six ways that B2B marketers can use experiential marketing to develop trust and build meaningful relationships with potential customers.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Happy Hour!  Join us again next week as we dive into more experiential marketing news, tips, and trends!  Cheers!

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