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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Even if you’re a veteran in the world of brand experiences and live events, the terminology we use often blurs together.  Brand experiences can take on different forms, including experiential marketing, brand activations, and event marketing.  While each of these has a similar purpose and goal, they are in fact different.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we lead off with an article that explores those differences.  We also discuss how virtual reality is transforming brand activations, and take a look at how to do event technology on a budget.

Is There a Difference Between Brand Activations, Experiential Marketing, and Event Marketing?

“Ultimately, you want a campaign that captures attention and gets people to interact with your company.” ~ Factory 360

When we refer to live marketing or brand experiences, we often use the terms brand activations, experiential marketing, and event marketing interchangeably.  All three terms refer to the types of face-to-face marketing that aim to capture the attention of consumers and generate excitement for a brand, product, and/or service.   So, if they all have the same purpose, is there a difference between the three?  Without a doubt, the answer is yes.  Read on to learn more about how each one attracts consumers in its own unique way.

4 Tips to Building a Better Event Recap

“A well-designed recap will yield some very eye-opening details that can’t always be uncovered using standard event metrics.” ~ eshots

better event recapPost-event recaps are a must for any experiential marketing activation.  They shed light on key information from the weather to consumer feedback to the number of impressions made.  However, with so much to consider and remember, important information is often lost in the shuffle.  By building a simple, yet strategic recap process that is easily accessible and standardized, you’ll obtain a wealth of detailed information. Here, eshots shares 4 things to consider when building an event recap to ensure you get what you need.

Virtual Reality is Transforming Brand Activations

“Go immersive or go home.” ~Jawbone Creative

Virtual Reality Brand ActivationsVirtual Reality (VR) helps brand marketers create a powerful, memorable and genuine experience for consumers.  Experiential marketing does the same.  As a result, VR and experiential complement each other and when combined, they create an amazing personalized experience.  These immersive experiences leave an undeniable impression on consumers.  Here, Jawbone Creative takes an in-depth look at how VR is reshaping brand activations.

Event Technology Podcast: Event Tech on a Budget

“There really is great technology at every budget level.” ~Brandt Krueger

event technology on a budgetIn a recent edition of Happy Hour, we discussed experiential marketing on a budget.  This week, we’re going to take a look at event technology on a budget.  Event technology is used for a wide range of needs and for different types of events – from trade shows to corporate events to brand activations.  But, depending on the type of event you are hosting and its size, event technology can also be a big expense.  In this podcast, event technology experts share insider tips that event organizers need to know.

Thanks for joining us for this week’s experiential marketing roundup!  Cheers to a great weekend filled with incredible activations!

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