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Does Street Team Marketing Work? 

Does street team marketing really work?  The short answer is absolutely.  Street team marketing is a highly effective and engaging experiential marketing strategy that’s been used for years. It is a type of guerrilla marketing that delivers a brand experience directly to consumers where they work, live, and play.

Unlike traditional out-of-home marketing tactics such as billboards or bus ads that often go ignored, street team marketing is designed to be surprising and interactive.  And more importantly, memorable.

Benefits of Street Team Marketing

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Provides a prime opportunity to get products directly in the hands of consumers
  • Generates a ton of buzz
  • Reaches consumers by the masses
  • Cost-efficient and works for companies of all sizes
  • Can be executed almost anywhere

3 Quick Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Street Team Marketing Campaign

Determine Your Goals Beforehand

Establishing goals is a crucial component of planning a street team marketing campaign. Your primary goals may include increasing brand awareness and engagement. But more specifically, what sort of ROI are you hoping to achieve? For example, are you looking to:

  • Collect leads?
  • Make a certain number of impressions?
  • Distribute a certain number of samples?
  • Grow your social media presence?
  • Boost website traffic?
  • Increase sales?

Whatever your goals are, make sure you analyze your results during the campaign and afterward. If you’re missing the mark during the campaign, making a slight adjustment, like a location change, for example, can quickly get you back on track.

Choose the Right People to Promote Your Brand

To be successful, you need to make sure your street team brand ambassadors know your brand well and are capable of executing your plan effectively. Additionally, they should who you’re targeting, how to communicate with them effectively, and have the ability to make a positive impression on them.  If you choose the wrong people to represent your brand, your street team efforts could fall flat.

Excite Your Audience

Effective street team marketing enables you to engage with your target consumers in a positive and meaningful way.  The purpose should be to entertain and surprise them and show them that they matter to you.  Street team marketing is one of the most impactful ways to win over new customers because the tactic is unique, engaging, and oh so memorable.

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Hit the Ground Running With Street Team Marketing

Street team marketing can be incredibly effective — as long as you do plenty of research, know your audience well, have a great plan, and get creative (and we mean really creative).

With almost two decades of experience,  ATN Event Staffing knows the ins and outs of street teams.  We will help you plan and carry out an effective street team campaign that will engage customers and help you reach your business goals. Contact us today to learn more!

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