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Planning a conference is a big undertaking requiring a lot of elements to come together to create a cohesive and logistically seamless event. When the first day of the conference arrives, you see the planning transition to, hopefully, flawless execution.  One aspect of planning that ensures a smooth execution is hiring professional staff to help bring the conference vision to life: welcoming attendees, managing registration, answering questions, ushering crowds, and being there to step in for the unexpected. Here are five benefits of having conference staff poised to engage with your audience.


1) Conference Staff Create Personal Connections in a Crowded Venue

The nature of conferences and large events is to convey a message to a large group. But people don’t want to feel like a nameless face in the crowd. They attend conferences to connect and network with others and find new insights and information. Having additional conference staff on-site to speak to attendees as a company representative will welcome more opportunities for attendees to feel a personal connection with your message.

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2) They Deliver Messages One-to-One Versus One-to-Many

With those personal connections, the opportunity to reinforce the conferences’ key messages multiplies. Everyone an attendee encounters, from the registration table to directional staff, should be trained on the strategic goals of the conference so they can carry it through with their one-to-one interactions.  Attendees will undoubtedly receive these messages loud and clear from keynote speakers, presentations, and breakout sessions, but the takeaway may resonate better from a personal conversation.

3) They Send and Receive Real-Time Feedback

As your boots on the ground, professional conference staff can relay important information to attendees or back to conference leaders to ensure the event execution continues to operate smoothly. If there is a change in schedule, change in meeting location, or new information to share, conference staff can quickly share and confirm the message is received. Conversely, if attendees want to share important feedback with organizers, conference staff are the best avenue to address and help resolve with little disruption.

4) They Help Attendees Feel Like VIPs

Professional event staff are trained to have excellent customer service and communication skills, and they put these skills to good use with every conference interaction. Their friendly and helpful approach to their role goes a long way in making attendees feel like they are welcomed, valued, and appreciated.  Conference organizers should emphasize this quality in staff training – putting people first means that any logistical issue can be solved in the correct priority order.

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5) They Create an End-to-End Experience

Some conference planners may decide they only need help with one facet of the event, for example, registration.  However, leveraging professional staff throughout the entire event will ensure that guests and attendees have a seamless experience until the end of the conference. Having a cohesive plan for engaging with attendees at several touchpoints delivers a sense of support, thoughtfulness, and professional integrity.

Why You Need an Experienced Conference Staffing Agency

When considering everything you need to execute a large-scale professional event or conference, staffing should be at the top of the list. The value a team adds to the audience experience delivers higher engagement, credibility, and repeat attendance. A skilled and experienced conference staffing agency can help you ensure that every aspect of your event is adequately staffed and managed, and ultimately setting you up for success. By outsourcing your staffing needs to a reliable agency, you can rest assured that they will handle all the details with professionalism and efficiency, leaving you to concentrate on the bigger picture of strategic planning and execution. 

As the leading expert in conference staffing, ATN has a proven track record of successfully staffing numerous large-scale conferences nationwide. Our unparalleled expertise and dedicated team of professionals have represented organizations such as HubSpot, Salesforce, AWS, Google, and many more. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients, and our experience and past successes enable us to offer valuable insights to help you reach your goals. Contact us to learn more about our premier conference staffing solutions.

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ATN came through in a crunch for our firm when we needed a large volume of staff for a last-minute outreach event and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the service we received. The ATN staff that supported our efforts were punctual, professional, and enthusiastic and helped us provide valuable information to the public concerning public transportation changes in the Los Angeles area.

— Josh F.

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