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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

After a year of restrictions on large gatherings and virtually no live events or entertainment, the pent-up demand for in-person events is erupting. In this edition of Happy Hour, we feature an article that highlights promising statistics from a recent study that shows that people are more than ready to attend live events, not only for entertainment value but also for their mental health.  We also feature tips from Freeman on how to prepare for events this year, and we discuss the correlation between emotional engagement and brand loyalty.

94% of Millennials and Gen Z Are Ready to Return to Live Events

“Because [Gen Z and millennials] think real-life events are good for their mental health, we’re going to see a massive resurgence.”  ~Julie Arbit, Vice Media, as cited by T.L. Stanely, Adweek 

the return of live events

People are more than ready for a return to normalcy. Humans need other humans.  We need to gather.  We need interaction.  And we need tangible entertainment and experiences that don’t involve a screen.  According to a recent study, 94% of Gen Z and millennials report that they plan to attend live events as early as this summer.  Hence, the resurgence of concerts, festivals, sporting events, and so forth will be extraordinary.  In this article, we deep dive into more data regarding the future of events and how this information is leading to the resurrection of the experiential phenom, 29Rooms.

5 Tips for Planning a Successful Event in 2021

“Whether it’s virtual, hybrid, or in-person, your audience will expect more from your event this year than they ever did before 2020.” ~Kyana Shamloo, Freeman

Hybrid Events

Experiential and event marketing requires a lot of planning and preparation, especially in 2021. For starters, consumer expectations will be high, more so than ever before, and this article states, “the pressure is on.” Additionally, there will be many new action items to consider, some of which will be uncharted territory for most event marketers.  From incorporating hybrid elements to staffing events, this article delivers five tips that will help you prepare for events this year.

The Correlation Between Emotional Engagement and Brand Loyalty

“Emotional brand engagement is the 21st-century paradigm for loyalty.” ~Robert Passikoff, Marketing Insider

experiential marketing engagement strategies

Brand loyalty is powerful.  In fact, it’s a “leading indicator of consumer behavior and brand profitability, and is not going away anytime soon.”  Loyalty stems from emotional connections that consumers derive from engaging experiences with a brand online and offline. Here, we look at how emotional brand engagement and consumer expectations drive brand loyalty and why meeting expectations is crucial for brands.

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