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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

The latest and greatest news in experiential and event marketing.

Live events have many moving parts, and a lot of thought, creativity, and money goes into them.  With all the time and effort you spend planning, you want everything to go off without a hitch. But a few things can turn your event into a disaster, from lack of planning to complacency. In this Happy Hour roundup, we look at six things that are guaranteed to screw up a live event. We also dive into the future of retail and discuss why mobile brand activations are a hot experiential marketing trend.

6 Ways to Screw Up a Live Event

“Everybody on the internet shares wise, earnest tips for how to succeed. But let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be more fun to take a different tact? Wouldn’t it be more helpful to learn how not to do a live marketing event?” ~Inspira Marketing

6 Ways to Screw Up a Live Event

A lot goes into planning a live event, from finding vendors to permitting to creative plans. That said, there’s also a lot that can go wrong. Live events are susceptible to all kinds of disasters, some of which can completely derail your campaign or even tarnish your brand reputation. And while there are all sorts of articles that contain tips for planning a successful live event, this article does the opposite by featuring six things that will tank your event.

Experiential is the Future of Retail 

“Once reserved for retail experiences at Apple stores and Disney parks, experiential retail is becoming an effective mainstream brand-building activation strategy.” ~Jacqueline Babb, Adweek

Experiential Retail

It’s apparent that coming out of the pandemic, people are eager to get out. They seek connectivity and crave experiences outside of their homes because they bring happiness and a sense of belonging. The desire for experiences, coupled with a spike in in-store shopping, could give brick-and-mortar retailers the boost they need to attract customers. And experiential retail is a great way to do this. Experiential retail goes beyond selling a product by providing an engaging experience that resonates with customers. It gives them a reason to visit your store and creates a powerful connection. Here, we look at the benefits of experiential retail and demonstrate how one brand uses the strategy to showcase brand purpose.

Take Your Brand on the Road a Mobile Brand Activation

“Event professionals know the advantages of putting on an activation (hello, brand awareness!), but why confine foot—or website or social media—traffic and high-quality leads to a standalone outpost when you could put an event space on wheels and take it anywhere and everywhere?” ~Shannon Thaler, BizBash

Mobile Brand Activation

Experiential marketing is a tried and true strategy that many brands utilize. Experiential activations offer many benefits, from generating buzz and brand awareness to driving sales and increasing loyalty. With what it provides, it’s easy to see why brands trust experiential to connect with consumers. Many experiential tactics focus on staying in one spot for the duration of the activation, but mobile activations allow brands to target consumers locally, regionally, and even nationally. With its versatility, mobile marketing allows for increased engagement, more user-generated content, and of course, more impressions. In this article, BizBash shares four mobile brand activations that will get your wheels turning.

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