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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

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There is no denying that this year’s Super Bowl was nothing short of amazing.  The much-anticipated event was a big deal not only for football (and 90s hip hop) fans but also for brands.  Brands capitalized on this year’s game by bringing in-person events and activations back in full force and fans loved every moment.  In this edition of Happy Hour, we take a look at some of the top brand experiences from Super Bowl LVI.  We also discuss the importance of product sampling and take a look a guerrilla marketing tactics to try this year.

Super Bowl LVI: 10 Winning Brand Activations 

“After a bleak Super Bowl LV in which attendance was capped, and many sponsors withdrew from activating in person, the live experiences that cropped up around this year’s game signaled a potential for brighter days ahead.” ~Kait Shea, Event Marketer


The Super Bowl lived up to its pre-pandemic glory with no capacity limits, a packed SoFi stadium, and an epic halftime show. All of which meant a big win for brands, too. After a quiet Super Bowl scene in 2021, brand activations were back and better than ever, proving that the industry is well on its way to recovery.  From the much-loved Super Bowl Experience in LA to activations around the country, Event Marketer showcases ten memorable events and experiences that were fan-favorites this year.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics That Will Elevate Your Brand

“Guerrilla marketing is an innovative and unconventional way to advertise to a younger demographic while saving money on your advertising budget.” ~Food Truck Promotions

guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is the OG of experiential marketing. It aims to catch consumers off guard with memorable and surprising moments that create buzz for brands and drive awareness. The strategy takes a brand directly to the consumer, which is effective and budget-friendly. One of the most popular forms of guerrilla marketing involves branded vehicles. Branded vehicles allow brands to target different areas, reach more people, and complement other guerrilla tactics like street teams. Read on to see how a branded vehicle can elevate your guerrilla marketing campaign and get your brand noticed.

Why Product Sampling Campaigns Are So Effective

“When a brand provides a customer with a free product, the consumer can feel indebted to the brand.”  ~Madison Vettorino

the importance of product sampling

Product sampling is another tried and true type of experiential marketing that we’re discussing this week. Brands have used product sampling to get their products in front of consumers for years. The try before you buy strategy is proven to increase awareness and sales. In fact, 80% of people said they are more likely to purchase a product if a brand allows them to try it first. In this article, Inspira Marketing discusses the psychology behind free product samples and why sampling programs can help win over customers.

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