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Investing in a state-of-the-art trade show exhibit is a strategic initiative that can return high-value metrics like new sales leads or increased brand engagement. But only if customers visit your space. And with several of your competitors vying for attention on the same floor, you have to work even harder for your presence to impact customers.

Hiring professional trade show staff makes that impact easier because of their communication and customer service skills. They are a great solution to include within a trade show investment because they can be explicitly leveraged to attract more attention to your exhibit.


lead nurturing tips to maximize trade show success

1. They bring new energy and enthusiasm to your offering

Trade show staff are trained to represent brands and companies to connect with existing and potential customers and are often the first touchpoint an attendee may have with a company or brand. They quickly learn your offering and what needs to be accomplished with each interaction, delivering it professionally with energy and enthusiasm.

 2. They ask the same questions your customers will 

 Just like your customers, trade show staff are being introduced to your brand, product, or service for the first time and want to learn as much as they can. Consider them as a beta test for how an audience will resonate with your message. If they are unclear on anything in your selling points, attendees will likely have questions, too.

3. They want to get customers to the right information

Hired trade show staff aren’t supposed to be the experts! But if trained well, they will know who the expert is and who they should direct attendees to when questions arise that they can’t answer. This is an excellent strategy for keeping engaging conversations going and getting closer to a conversion. Your trade show staff are responsible for making a positive and friendly connection, introducing your story, and then handing prospects off to a specialist.

4. They are communication and customer service professionals 

Above all else, professional trade show staff are available to enhance the level of service expected by an audience. In order to exceed consumer expectations and create an authentic positive impression, the staff hired must prioritize the attendee experience and communication.

Once they’ve learned your brand pitch, staff will be excited to share it with others. Their outgoing and personable attitudes will be a great asset to your engagement strategy.

The Benefits of Hiring a Trade Show Staffing Agency

Hiring an experienced trade show staffing agency can help you avoid the risk of not having the right people representing your business. Trade show staffing agencies can source and hire event professionals that align with your brand image, goals, and values. They can also train them on your products, services, and key messaging to help generate leads and land sales.

ATN Event Staffing delivers top-tier trade show staff that will help companies grow their brand and make valuable connections. With dedicated support and experienced staff, your investment will be in good hands with ATN as your staffing partner.

Contact us to learn more about our trade show staffing solutions and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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