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Experienced Brand Ambassadors

The Core Traits of Kick-A$$ Brand Ambassadors

Experienced Brand Ambassadors

Many brands have seen the power of brand ambassadors, whether they are past customers, celebrities, or individuals hired by a brand or an event staffing company. A brand ambassador is exactly what it sounds like: someone who is an ambassador… Read More

Austin, TX Festival: Now Hiring Brand Ambassadors

If you have dreamed of working at the hottest interactive festival in Austin, TX, now is your chance!  ATN Event Staffing is currently recruiting brand ambassadors and promotional models for several experiential marketing campaigns!  Join Team ATN and be part… Read More

The Introvert’s Guide to Being a Brand Ambassador

Conducting small talk is something all brand ambassadors have to do as part of their job, but it’s something introverts dread. Unfamiliar situations with a lot of strangers can be extremely overwhelming. Often times, introverts miss out on job opportunities… Read More

Comic Con Staffing 2016

Comic-Con Staffing Solutions: 2017

Comic Con Staffing 2016

In anticipation of providing ComicCon staffing solutions for agencies and brands of all shapes and sizes, for the past six months ATN Promo has been actively recruiting A+ talent in the San Diego, CA area. In our 14+ year experience Across The… Read More