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Happy Hour:  Weekly Round-Up

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Every few months, we hear about another established brand facing impending doom.  And it seems to have hit the retail sector the hardest.  Just last month, JC Penny and Sears both announced more store closings. But what could be done differently to save these iconic brands?  Perhaps all it would take is revitalizing the overall brand strategy and re-establishing relevance with interactive marketing tactics like experiential marketing.  In this week’s Happy Hour, we examine how stagnate brands can use experiential marketing to make a killer comeback.  Additionally, we’ll look at the importance of the return on experience in experiential marketing, the right way to market to moms, and how live events can boost content marketing strategies.

How Brands Can Use Experiential Marketing to Make a Killer Comeback

how brands can use experiential marketing to make a killer comeback

Just like humans, brands can become creatures of habit, and it’s an easy trap to fall into.  The brand strategy that worked five or ten years ago may be irrelevant today.  A case in point is the demise of Toys R’ Us.  The once wildly popular big-box toy store failed to recognize that its brand strategy and marketing tactics had fallen flat.  Their leaders became complacent, and instead of being proactive and tackling the ever-changing retail landscape head-on, they let the company wither away.  To remain relevant in the current marketplace, brands must continually evolve their brand strategy to keep up with present-day consumers.  If your brand is stuck in neutral, this article outlines three experiential marketing tactics that will propel your brand in the right direction.

How Live Events Fuel Content Marketing

Live marketing events give brands the opportunity to meet their target consumers in person and develop meaningful relationships.  They create ways for brands to actively engage with consumers, create conversations, and allow consumers to actively participate in the brand’s story.  All of this fuels content marketing, an extremely important piece of the marketing puzzle.   Experiential marketing and content marketing work hand-in-hand to build trust, create loyalty, and generate leads.  Consumers expect brands to tell their story across multiple channels and as a result, live events have quickly become a top strategy of choice for many marketers.  From offering brands a way to be transparent to attendee-generated content, here are 4 ways that live events can give your content marketing strategy a boost.

3 Tips for Marketing to Moms

marketing to momsWhen brands are identifying target audiences, they typically segment based on demographics like age, gender, ethnicity, and so on.  But there is one key group, who make up one of the largest consumer groups out there, that marketers have failed to connect with…mothers.  Moms are super-savvy when it comes to the products they buy for their family. They read reviews and recommendations on everything from diapers to baseball helmets.  And you better believe if a brand doesn’t live up to its promises, Mama Bear will let everybody know.  This is why it’s so important for brands to be authentic and transparent when it comes to marketing to moms.  And we all know the best way to make those genuine connections is through experiential marketing.  Here, Inspira brings us three tips that will help you tailor your marketing approach to reach this important demographic.

Why Return on Experience is Just as Important as Return on Investment

Measuring experiential marketing ROI is important for brands, but it’s also important to realize that determining the return on experience, or ROE is just as valuable.  Like ROI, ROE provides brands with a way to calculate the impact a brand experience or activation has on a consumer.  But the difference is, ROE measures the overall experience that the consumer has with the brand, their level of engagement, and how they interact with the brand.  When brand experiences are exciting, unique, and memorable, they have the power to extend their reach far beyond the physical experience on a global level, resulting in increased awareness and sales – and that’s the power of the ROE.  This article examines five ways brands can create experiences that will deliver a successful return on experience.

Live marketing events can be used to create brand awareness, generate leads, and increase revenue.  But, having the right staff in place is critical in achieving your experiential marketing goals.  Since 2002, ATN has been the event staffing agency of choice for hundreds of marketing agencies and brands.  Our experience in the industry and top-notch customer service keeps our client coming back time and again.  If you are in need of an event staffing partner to help you reach your goals, we’re here for you.

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