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SXSW is known for its killer musical lineup, A-list celeb panels, and movie premieres, but it’s also a hotbed for experiential marketing. Each year, marketers go all out at the Austin festival to showcase their brands through highly immersive experiences. In this edition of Happy Hour, we feature some of the buzziest brand activations from SXSW 2024 and the tactics used. We also discuss the importance of incorporating interactivity into trade show marketing and how small businesses can use ambush marketing to increase brand visibility.

The Hottest Brand Activations and Experiential Trends from SXSW 2024

“Whether executed by underdogs or Blue Chip brands, official sponsors or tagalongs, the top tactics we spotted were laced with creativity and high-touch engagement.” ~Kait Shea, Event Marketer

SXSW Event Staffing | Experiential Brand Activations

At SXSW 2024, brands took center stage as creative and innovative experiences took over Austin, leaving festival-goers in awe. From guerrilla marketing stunts to elaborate and immersive sets, SXSW was buzzing with brand activations. As the first major festival of the year, SXSW has always been a key influence for brands and marketers. The experiences and activations serve as a source of inspiration and indicate the top experiential trends to incorporate for the year ahead. Here, Event Marketer highlights some of the of the top brand experiences at SXSW 2024 and the strategies used.

How Interactivity Elevates Trade Show Experiences

“Today’s attendees are not just seeking information; they’re looking for engaging, memorable experiences that allow them to actively participate and immerse themselves in a brand’s world. ” ~Exhibit Options

successful trade show includes interactivity

In today’s competitive landscape, exhibiting at a trade show requires much more than a simple booth. Instead, your exhibit should be immersive and engaging to stand out on the trade show floor. By incorporating elements that create a sensory-rich experience and using a stellar team of trade show representatives, you can draw attendees in and create a memorable experience for them. From gamification to world-building, here are some examples of interactive elements you can incorporate into your trade show exhibit that will elevate your presence and make lasting connections.

Unconventional Marketing Strategies to Boost Brand Visibility 

“In a world where brands compete aggressively for customer retention, ambush marketing has become an intriguing and often valuable technique.” ~Event Teem 

SXSW Event Staffing | Experiential Brand Activations

Small businesses can effectively utilize ambush marketing tactics to gain visibility for their brand. Much like guerrilla marketing, ambush marketing is highly cost-effective and unconventional; however, instead of popping up in unexpected locations, as you do with guerrilla marketing, ambush marketing leverages existing events and content to promote a brand. By piggybacking onto these platforms, companies can create brand awareness and capture the attention of consumers. In this article, we’ll explore various examples of ambush marketing that are perfect for small businesses.

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