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Liven up your experiential marketing event with ATN’s experienced event emcees and DJs.

Event emcees and DJs are known for drawing in a crowd in a unique and interactive way.  From their enthusiasm and their ability to work a mic and wow the crowd, emcees and DJs can be an incredible addition for your experiential marketing campaign.

Our event emcees and DJs excel at:

  • Elevating brand presence
  • Hosting games
  • Encouraging participation in interactive elements
  • Creating FOMO
  • Drawing in event attendees
  • Encouraging social media shares

No matter the size or scale, from small complex VIP events to large-scale festivals, we’ve matched companies with top-tier, enthusiastic, and memorable emcees and DJs for over 15 years and we’re can do that for your brand, too!

event emcees and djs
event emcees and djs
event emcees and djs

21 Years of Experience

Event staffing leader since 2002


Largest Talent Database In The Industry

430,000 vetted field employees


Staffing In The U.S. and Canada

Any city, large or small



ATN has been there for me for every consumer event I’ve done in the past few years. They have a wide range of staffing options in all cities that I’ve been able to tailor to each event and client. ATN is always quick to react to questions and onsite needs, and I always feel like I’m in good hands.

— Jessica D.

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